Audio not playing on website


Can you help me figure out why the audio will not play on my webpage?

My download works which is the same URL for the play option.


I checked your webpage, it looks like you have modified the HTML code generated by the application or you have generated the player HTML code by yourself.

The HTML code that defines the audio file looks like following:

<li data-artist="pinkzebra - AudioJungle" data-title="In The Moment of Inspiration" data-album="" data-info="" data-image="audios/dandelion.jpg" data-duration="154">
<div class="amazingaudioplayer-source" data-src="audios/In the Moment of Inspiration.mp3" data-type="audio/mpeg" />

The mp3 link and image link are defined by the attributes data-src and data-image. You need to make sure the links are correct.