Autostart on Android and IOS


I was evaluating and hoping that the amazingaudioplayer would be a solution to the simple requirement that I have.

I want an AutoPlay mp3 song to be played as background music on a html page, and provide a button
to pause/play the music. This should work on major browsers, also on mobile devices.

It does work on desktop browsers on Windows and Mac, but the AutoPlay function does not work on Android 4.3 (galaxy s4), and it does not work on IOS 6 safari. (Ipod touch). The button does shows correctly in play mode (shows the pause button), but no music is playing.

Apparently this is because Android and IOS require human interaction and forbid autoplay.

Any help is sincerely appreciated.


Audio/video autoplay is not allowed on iPhone, iPad and Android. It’s a limit from the device, and there is no way to bypass it.

Volume control button on iPhone and iPad


I am using your Amazing Audio Player 2.3 Enterprise Version.

I am using the player from the website on my computer and my iPhone and iPad.

Everything is going fine – Except the VOLUME CONTROL has disappeared when using on iPads and iPhones – it STILL APPEARS when playing from a computer.

How do I get the volume control button back for iPads and iPhones?


The volume control does not appear on iPhone and iPad.

It’s because on iPad and iPhone, the volume can not be controlled by JavaScript or HTML5 in web browser. You can only adjust the volume with the volume hardware button. It’s a setup by Apple.