Some MP3 are not playing


I bought the Amazing player, everything works great, but small problem.
I created player with almost 150 audio files and image, everything plays but almost 10 files they dont load into
player, it cannot be size of the file b'coz bigger size files are playing without any trouble. when I checked directly the link of the file it works.
What could be the problem.


Do you mean there are some songs can not be played?

Please only use numbers 0-9, letters A-Z, a-z, dashes '-' and underscores '_' for the mp3 filename. Avoid using spaces ' ', &, #, *, !, quotations and accented letters.

MP3 filename with special characters may cause problems when the player works in web browser.

Increase font sizes for track name and time


Hello, Just bought the full version of your product and can't figure out how to increase font sizes for track name and time.


In Step 2, Skins dialog, CSS tab, find the following CSS, and change the font size value and height value:

#amazingaudioplayer-AUDIOPLAYERID .amazingaudioplayer-track-item {
position: relative;
cursor: pointer;
color: #999;
font-family: 'Open Sans', Arial, sans-serif;
font-size: 12px;
text-shadow: 0 1px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6);
line-height: 22px;
height: 22px;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
text-align: left;

Installation of WordPress Audio Player


The WordPress installer will not upload the zip file unless it is under 10 MB in size. I'm using an eight song playlist for a band, which is 20 MB in size. If the playlist is under 10 Mb, I can use the WordPress uploader and things work as expected.

I can unzip the file on my local machine and upload the entire folder manually via FTP into the plugins directory, and it works and installs one playlist, but then I cannot install another second playlist manually. Are there any further instructions for this method? The band has multiple albums.

Can you clarify in the publish dialogue for a WordPress player what "create a standalone plugin for this audio player" means?


The option "create a standalone plugin for this audio player" will create a standalone plugin for each player.

So you can use it to fix the problem:

1. In the application, choose the option "create a standalone plugin for this audio player". In the bottom left of the dialog, choose a different "Audio Player id". You need to choose a different "audio player id" for each player.

2. Create the plugin. Unzip the ZIP file on local machine, the folder should be like "amazingaudioplayer-plugin-X". The X is the "Audio Player id" you selected for the player. Upload the folder to your WordPress plugins folder.

3. Activate the plugin. It will be a standalone plugin, just for this player.

4. The provided shortcode is different for each player. Please copy the exactly shortcode created by the plugin.

Disable loop playing


The amazing audio player is pretty slick.

I'm wondering though, how i can stop it from looping the content.


In Step 2, Skins dialog, Overview tab, there are two options:

Loop: Loop the whole playlist.

No continuous playing: This option is only valid when the Loop option is unchecked. If this option is on, the player will stop after playing one audio.

Please make sure to clear caches of your web browser after you update the player and before re-testing.

Making audio player bigger


I am trialling the amazing video but before I buy I have a question. I have been to the FAQ site and saw questions about making the player smaller but what about making it bigger.

Can the registered DarkBox player be made bigger? I need it to be at least 500px.


In step 2, Skins dialog, Overview tab, you can change the width to 500, then in Track list tab, change its width to 500.

Audio not playing on website


Can you help me figure out why the audio will not play on my webpage?

My download works which is the same URL for the play option.


I checked your webpage, it looks like you have modified the HTML code generated by the application or you have generated the player HTML code by yourself.

The HTML code that defines the audio file looks like following:

<li data-artist="pinkzebra - AudioJungle" data-title="In The Moment of Inspiration" data-album="" data-info="" data-image="audios/dandelion.jpg" data-duration="154">
<div class="amazingaudioplayer-source" data-src="audios/In the Moment of Inspiration.mp3" data-type="audio/mpeg" />

The mp3 link and image link are defined by the attributes data-src and data-image. You need to make sure the links are correct.

Adding Audio Player to Webpage


Hi. I`m trialling the Amazing AudioPlayer, and if I like it I will be buying the unlimited sites version, but I cant get it working right on my first site. Can you help. I have uploaded both folders and the html page via Filezilla. I have copied the code to the correct areas within my page and the player appears there, but when I click play nothing happens.


I checked your page, The problem is because there are apostrophes or single quotes in your mp3 file name. Please remove the apostrophe from your mp3 file name and try again.

After you update the player HTML code and files, please clear caches of your web browser before testing.

If there is any issue of inserting the player to your webpage, you can also try to use an iframe: It's a simpler way to insert the player to your webpage.

Multiple audio players on one page


In my website, I have a page with more than one player (one multiplayer and one single player). They both do their job nicely, but it is possible to let them play together, which is of course not desirable. How could I make an exclusive per player, so that only one player can work at the time?


Currently, you are embedding the player to your webpage with iframe: This is not supported in iframe mode.

If you embed the player by directly placing the codes into the page: and

Then, the player will pause other players on the same page when playing.

Volume control button on iPhone and iPad


I am using your Amazing Audio Player 2.3 Enterprise Version.

I am using the player from the website on my computer and my iPhone and iPad.

Everything is going fine – Except the VOLUME CONTROL has disappeared when using on iPads and iPhones – it STILL APPEARS when playing from a computer.

How do I get the volume control button back for iPads and iPhones?


The volume control does not appear on iPhone and iPad.

It's because on iPad and iPhone, the volume can not be controlled by JavaScript or HTML5 in web browser. You can only adjust the volume with the volume hardware button. It's a setup by Apple.

HTML5 Audio Player for Joomla 3.2


I tried to add your amazing HTML5 audio player to my Joomla website exactly the way it is shown in your tutorial/documentation. But it does not work. It generates a blank white page as long as your module is active. I had to disable your module and after that my website run perfect again, but without your audio player of course.


It looks like there is a jQuery conflict in your website.  You can try to use an iframe to embed the player to your website, it's more easy compared to the module solution: